For High School Teachers
From DNA to Organism: A Study in DNA Function for the High School Biology Classroom

 Lab write-up scoring checklist 


  •      Background information on the problem is presented.
  •      Importance of the work being done is presented.
  •      The problem being investigated is clearly stated.
  •      The independent variable is identified in the problem statement.
  •      The dependent variable is identified in the problem statement.
  • Experimental Design

  •      The methods used to carry out the experiment are clearly listed and          complete.
  •      The procedure is in step-by-step format.
  •      Specific measurements are used in steps.
  •      The experimental design could be used to replicate the experiment.
  •      The method of data collection is listed in the description.

  • Data

  •      A data table is used to show data.
  •      A graph is used to show data if possible.
  •      All data tables/graphs are labeled (titles, axis, legends, etc.)
  •      Data is clearly written and neat.
  •      All units for data are shown.

  • Conclusion

  •      The original problem is restated.
  •      An answer to the original problem is suggested.
  •      The answer is supported by specific examples from the data.
  •      Any unusual data points are discussed.
  •      Validity of the data is discussed with specific examples of what you          did or did not do in the experiment.
  •      Suggestions for future experiments are suggested.

  • Sources consulted

  •      A list of sources consulted is provided, if needed.





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