For High School Teachers
  From DNA to Organism: A Study in DNA Function for the High School Biology Classroom

Modules 2: DNA and genes 

Teacher suggestions for Module 2:  DNA extraction (Cartagen Rapid Homogenization Kit: Plant Leaf DNA Amplification)


             1 block

     What you need to set up

  • Water bath(s) at 95°C
  • Stations with different buffers/pipettes
  • Weighing station for plants
  • Centrifuge
  • 1 x 1– 10ml pipette, 1 x 10– 100ml pipette, and 6 x 100– 1000ml pipettes

     What the students need

  • Gloves, goggles, and aprons
  • Plants from which to extract DNA
  • Grinding column and tube (from kit)
  • 4 x 2 ml microcentrifuge tube (again using different colored tubes to help students keep track of the different tubes)
  • Fine-tip Sharpie marker to label the microcentrifuge tubes
  • Rack for microcentrifuge tubes
     Prelab 10 minutes

           The prelab for this lab consists of a review of the location of the DNA within the cell and a discussion of some problems that may come up when extracting DNA from plant cells (cell wall, destructive enzymes, etc. ).

     lab 10-15 minutes

           The lab itself consists of the students following the directions given to them.   It is easiest to set up an assembly line type of arrangement for the room where the different pipetting stations are prearranged and the students only need to work their way down the line (see diagrams on following page).


           The post lab for this section consists of clean up and preparation of the samples for use the next day.


           There is no homework for this part of the module.