For High School Teachers
  From DNA to Organism: A Study in DNA Function for the High School Biology Classroom

Module 2: DNA and genes

     Teacher suggestions for Module 2: PCR


           1 block setup and PowerPoint.

     What you need to set up

  • Thermalcycler
  • 0.5ml PCR tubes
  • PCR cocktail mix (30ml/group)
  • 2 X 10– 100ml pipettes

     What the students need

            •2 X 0.5ml PCR tubes

     Prelab 10 minutes

            The prelab for this section consists of a quick explanation of what PCR is and why we will be using it in this case. A quick description of the orientation of the room would be helpful to the students. Stress should be placed on the idea that the volumes that are being pipetted are very small here and care should be taken to make sure that the liquids are actually collected. It would be worth a minute to show the students how to ensure evacuation of the sample from the tip by pipetting up and down.

     lab 20 minutes

            This is another lab where the students will be following directions to set up their samples. The teacher can monitor the progress of students by checking with the groups as they work.   After the students finish their set up, the PowerPoint presentation accompanying this lab can be used to explain what PCR is and how it works.


           The post lab for this section consists of cleanup of the materials.


           There is no homework for this section of the lab.