For High School Teachers
From DNA to Organism: A Study in DNA Function for the High School Biology Classroom

Postmodule questionnaire

          Take a few minutes and answer the questions below as best you can. If you are not sure about an answer, do the best that you can. If you have no idea what the answer might be, leave the question blank. This is not a test and it does not affect your grade. The only thing that you need to do is, do your best.

          a. What is DNA?


          b. What organisms have DNA?


          c. What does DNA do?


          d. How can your DNA make you sick?


          e. People say that DNA is the future of biology. Name three ways that DNA may affect your future.


          f. What is a protein?


          g. What are some functions of proteins.


          h. What do proteins have to do with DNA?


i. What is the human genome project? How might it help our lives?


          j. How might the human genome project harm our lives?


          k. What is PCR? What is it for?


          l. What is electrophoresis? What is it for?


          m. What is DNA fingerprinting? What is it used for?


          n. What is a transgenic organism?


          o. Why might you use one?


          p. What is a plasmid? How might one be useful?


          q. Explain how DNA could be used to:

              solve a murder?


              increase crop yields?


              cure diseases?


              feed people?


           Identify one question that you would still like to have answered about DNA technology.



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