For High School Teachers
From DNA to Organism: A Study in DNA Function for the High School Biology Classroom

Sample time line for the program

Based on rotating 58-minute blocks with a double block on thursday 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Module 1:Mutant plant examination DNA structure PowerPoint

Module 2:Cartagen DNA extraction

PCR setup/powerpoint


Electrophoresis setup/PowerPoint
Gel examination Protein synthesis PowerPoint

Module 3: Transgenic PowerPoint

Module4: Yeast with gene lab setup

Waiting for data block(video?)
Yeast with gene data collection/discussion Module5:Protein shape lab

Protein shape PowerPoint

Protein manipulation lab

Module 6: Growing Arabidopsis mutant lab
DNA technology in use PowerPoint  


Contact info:

Dr. Gerald Berkowitz
Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory, U-4163
Room 302C
1390 Storrs Rd.
University of Connecticut
Storr, CT 06269-4163
E-mail: gerald.berkowitz@

phone: 860-486-1945