For High School Teachers
  From DNA to Organism: A Study in DNA Function for the High School Biology Classroom

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           This is not complete. For example, I googled something from the additional information on growing Arabidopsis—I was checking to see if whatever it was was a type—and it brought up the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center at Ohio State, from which the material was apparently copied. The center, which is mentioned in the text for Module 1, is not cited in the list of sources for Module ! and is not credited as being the source of the “additional information.”


Connecticut Academic Performance Test - Second Generation, Science Handbook, Connecticut State Department of Education, 2001 (143 pp.)

     Module 1

     Module 2

“Rapid Homogenization Kit for Plant Leaf DNA Amplification” Instruction Manual. Cartagen Molecular Systems, Seattle, WA.

“DNeasy Plant Mini-Kit” Instruction Manual. Qiagen Inc. Valencia, CA.

     Module 3

     Module 4

     Module 5